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Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and joyous whatever-other-holiday-you-may-celebrate from all of us here at the Inkwell Bar! Yes, I know we traditionally hold some sort of Christmas Party to celebrate the occasion, but -- well, our mun hasn't really had the time or inclination this year. Mostly because we've basically left LiveJournal for Dreamwidth. And it's very likely that some version of the Inkwell will be moving over there as well. (After all, we have a new resident who only resides on that site! Well, and tumblr too, but that's a whole other kettle of fish, as the saying goes.)

Anyway, we're just having a quiet Christmas here while we figure out if/when we're moving. No matter what, though, we'll see you for the new year, and Steve & Gary's birthdays!


Despite recent inclement weather, the Inkwell Halloween party is still on! Although it is toned down a little due to recent events (which even Doc wasn't able to fully dissipate) -- the decorations are fairly low-key orange and black streamers with cardboard cutouts of witches, black cats, and skeletons, and there's a little less food than usual set out. Still, the gang is making the best of things. There's no overarching theme to the costumes this year -- rather, there seems to be little subgroups with their own themes:

Doc, Marty, and Dee compromise the Good Omens group. Doc is dressed up as Aziraphale, Marty as Crowley, and Dee as the Bentley -- they've fashioned a costume for her human form out of cardboard boxes, and put black film on her DeLorean form (for easy peeling away after Halloween's over).

Steve & Gary have decided to embrace the "Portal" sequel and are dressed as personality cores. Steve is Rick, the Adventure Core, while Gary is the Fact Core. Joining them in Portalness is Alice, who is dressed up as "Portal 2"-style Chell, complete with portal gun and potato.

Our budding couple of the day has gone marine -- Lucy is dressed as a mermaid ("not Ariel," she's quick to point out), and Simon as a sailor. They're getting a bit cuddly in the corner there.

And finally, the Victors have become the odd men out. DG-Victor: has dressed up as Scott Pilgrim -- movie version, final fight, with The Power of Self-Respect. And Butterfly Boy has dressed up as Jack Skellington, amusingly enough. Although he seems to have stepped out for a moment. . .

((OOC: Thanks to having no internet at home, any replies to any threads are going to be slow as hell. I just really didn't want to miss the Halloween Party.

Update: Never mind, net's back! Comment at your leisure.))

A Birthday At 88 MPH

We started off the week with a birthday, and we're ending it with a birthday as well! Today is Dee's day to shine! The orange streamers are back up, but this time there's a lot of silver added to them, in the form of DeLorean cutouts and balloons. Hope you're not tired of cake yet! (Alice would like to know how anyone could be tired of cake.)
Oh dear, is it really that time again? Late October, and we've got two birthdays and the Halloween party! Let the excitement (and probably mild panic) begin!

Naturally, it begins with Dr. Emmett L. "Doc" Brown's birthday party. The bar's all in orange, browns, and golds, and the jukebox is playing the main theme to the BTTF movies. We're all ready to welcome guests and presents!

((Oh, and if you're wondering about the subject line: Guess who finally got to time-travel properly?))
Yup, it's birthday season again! And to start off the fall birthdays is Lucy Leech. The bar's been decorated in bright green and gold streamers, and there's been a few plants put out, since we all know how much Lucy likes stuff that is green and growing. We've even got green-tinted drinks. (The mun is starting to think she should have had Lucy born in March.)

Well, anyway, she's got some presents to open, so let's get to that.

From Doc: Great Scott, Four Years

Yes, we checked -- I've officially owned the Inkwell for four years. Can you believe it?

Granted, it hasn't been open to the public, so to speak, for all that time. But Vic handed me the deed on this date in 2008. Heh, 08/08/08 -- you think that would be easier for her to remember.

In that time, we've dealt with various LOLs and strange visitors, seen more birthdays than you can shake a stick at, hosted some truly epic Halloween parties, and had our numbers grow in terms of both permanent residents and regular visitors. It's been quite a ride.

Now, I know it's been pretty quiet around here lately, but I did want to come out and say thanks to everyone who enjoys our antics. It's always nice to be appreciated, let me assure you. And thanks to all my friends -- hell, my family who lives here. I am so grateful to know you all.

And next year, if Vic remembers in time, hopefully we can have a great five-year anniversary party!

So Yeah -- Ultra Birthday

June 9th really deserves some sort of award for being arguably the busiest day when it comes to birthdays. Here at the Inkwell, we've got three muses celebrating -- Marty and the two Victors -- and over on tumblr, there's Forgotten Vows and his birthday to think about (not to mention whoever wants to wish Butterfly Boy a happy birthday over there). Still, everyone's keeping up as best they can, and the Inkwell is appropriately decorated for the occasion -- red, yellow, and blue streamers with matching balloons, and paper DeLoreans and butterflies hung on the walls. It's all ready for partying, so have fun!

May The Fourth Be A Little Sunnier

It's rather gloomy outside in the mun's world, but in the Inkwell Doc's made sure to banish all the clouds so Alice can have a nice sunshiney birthday. The blue streamers are up, the balloons are tied up near the door, and there's tea and little cakes everywhere. Let's have a birthday!
The calendar has rolled around once again, and it's time for Simon's birthday once more. You all know the drill by now, so let's let Simon open his presents. (Hey, they've been doing birthday parties for about three years running -- they've got this down to a science.)

InkSims Update, Cycle 6

Emmett's senior semester is split into 2 parts thanks to a reinstall and me forgetting to adjust picture settings, and everyone reaches the end of a week. Major events are Lorina Liddell getting pregnant and the Turrets gaining a new roomie in Wheatley Notamoron.

Doc Brown:
Senior 1a
Senior 1b

McFly Family:
Sunday, Week 1

Van Dort Family:
Sunday, Week 1

Liddell Family:
Sunday, Week 1

Garfunkle Family:
Sunday, Week 1

Leech Family:
Sunday, Week 1

Turret Family:
Sunday, Week 1